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Monday, July 03, 2006

IT Specialists: Branding Your Company

Differentiating yourself isn't an effort to obtain more certifications; instead, it's a focus on branding your company, both visually and with benefits. You want your clients to glance at the mail and recognize your marketing materials or communications that always focus on the benefits to them.

Another way to brand yourself is to fulfill unfulfilled needs in your community. Find a type of service or an industry that isn't receiving the attention it needs. When you finally discover the unfulfilled needs, usually from visiting expos and chamber meetings, you can use this to develop your branding and your benefits.

Remember that what you think your clients' problems are may not be the same as what they believe their problems to be. Focus on their perceived problems and later help them deal with the problems you see in their IT setup.

As you brand your company, make sure you know your competition. Know what they do, how they sell, and their benefits, so that you can make yourself different. Learn more about branding your company in the complete article (link above).

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