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Saturday, July 01, 2006

More Requirements for Small Business Computer Consulting Sweet Spot Clients

In order to locate the perfect clients for your small business computer consulting business, you need to go after small businesses that have 10 to 50 PCs and the right revenue. Usually companies with 1 million to 10 million in revenue are the sweet spot of small business computer consulting, and are the ones you should target. If you are in a country outside the United States, you’ll want to convert this amount to your local currency.


Once small businesses reach the higher revenue echelons, when they have a lot more than 50 PCs or more than $10 million annual sales, small business owners will tend to put a salaried IT person on permanent staff instead of hire a small business consulting professional and you could encounter some difficult competition. Your clients will add up your invoices and try to find out how they can do what you do for them at a cheaper rate and in-house.


You need to find small business computer consulting clients that need a real, dedicated server because they will need a lot more professional services, which they will be unlikely to be able to handle on their own with just an internal IT person. This is your opportunity to become their outsourced IT guru.


Often a sweet post client will just have one location, but other times there will be a main office and branch offices. The branch offices give you an opportunity to stretch your small business computer consulting because these types of businesses will have a need to share real-time data among many employees.

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