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Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Computer Reseller Signs Deal with Apple Computers

Recently Apple named a third distributor in the UK, Westcoast. The computer reseller joins Computer 2000 and Ingram Micro and will help push products into the SME and retail sectors.

This news is surprising to many computer resellers, including Westcoast. Spokesperson Andy Dow noted that Apple has not named a UK distributor in 15 years; Westcoast was appointed based on its ability to infiltrate the independent retail and SME markets, since the computer reseller has a strong presence there. Westcoast will offer Apple’s entire range of products, such as iPods, notebooks, desktops, servers, storage and software as part of this partnership.

Initially many were skeptical of the HP-intensive offerings of computer reseller Westcoast fitting with Apple products. However, Dow insists that the company has gone to great lengths to learn the intimate details of all the products it offers and that its products will enhance each other rather than inhibit. Working with two strong names in the computer business will help the computer reseller give more options to more customers and increase flexibility.

Others are skeptical of Westcoast’s ability to deliver, stating that most Apple users and other computer resellers do not go to distributors, rather to Apple itself so it will not have much of an effect on the greater industry. They state that while Westcoast is undeniably a strong distributor, its addition as a new Apple distributor will have uncertain benefits.

Existing partners Ingram Micro and C2000 are most surprised by the new appointment and feel that they already provide all the growth opportunities and coverage Apple needs. Both agree that if Apple believes the addition of a third distributor will help grow the market further, they are happy about the new announcement.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg