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Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Microsoft Financing Programs Claim to Help Solution Providers

Microsoft’s new financing plans for solution providers will purportedly help them close bigger deals faster and also help support their business growth by allowing them to add financing perks to their sales pitches to clients.

General manager for Microsoft Financing Brian Madison stated recently at a Boston partner conference that this new finance program for solution providers now has a portfolio worth $500 million and has doubled its business in FY 2006. Thanks to the plan, customers can make decisions about purchases sooner than they could before the addition of financing options and are also not as reluctant to sign larger deals because of the benefits. Microsoft’s financing includes all parts of the transaction such as the software licenses, hardware and services offered.

Solution providers have confirmed that this new program works well, reporting marked growth in number of clients as well as sizes of deals signed. Clients have been responding openly to the availability of financing programs that can be part of their overall business solution.

The program for solution providers has also helped create more long-term relationships with clients and has allowed them to be much more involved in more aspects of the companies with which they work.

Microsoft Financing is getting ready to encourage solution providers to sell the soon-to-be-released Vista and Office 2007, using financing to drive clients’ interest in the packages.

Some new financing programs recently added are the Microsoft Financing 6/50 Promotion, allowing customers in the U.S. to pay $50 per month for the first six months of a contract along with a number of tools for solution providers sales teams that allow them to include financing more simply as part of proposals. These tools include a payment calculator and an online quote generator.

Microsoft Financing will expand to more countries in Europe in the coming weeks thanks to partnerships with groups in Switzerland and France.

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