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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Protect Your Business With the Right Technical Staff

You have to be really cautious about how you hire your expert technical staff or you might end up training the competition. There are many ways you can work with technical staff to prevent this problem from happening and maintain employee loyalty.


Your firm might hire a technical person and pay for their Microsoft, Cisco or Citrix training. This person may also become extremely skilled and work a lot in the field, gaining confidence and experience. One day the same technical staff person might decide he/she doesn’t want to work for your firm anymore and start a small computer consulting business, taking clients with him/her.


You can prevent potential disasters like the example above by hiring more than one technical staff person to help your company. Figure out a way to get involved in the sales process and service delivery process. Even if you are not the primary worker in these processes and don’t have the best skills, being involved will help keep your clients loyal and help them know you better. That way if you ever lose technical staff members, you will have a better chance of keeping your client base.


You should protect yourself by having technical staff sign contracts including non-compete clauses and non-disclosure agreements upon hiring. Consult your attorney for more instructions as to how to do this appropriately. Then keep a watchful eye on technical staff and have a plan so you are not later confronted by a major business crisis.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit