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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Small Business Networks and Overcoming the Misconceptions of Small Businesses

A lot of small businesses may think they are too small to qualify for a real small business network. But because small businesses both want and need the same technologies as bigger competitors, a P2P network often doesn’t make sense as a long term solution.


When small business have to make decisions about purchases based on price, they can undervalue their technology needs. If your client needs a secure and dependable technology structure, he/she needs a real dedicated server as an integral part of a small business network.

As a virtual CIO, your responsibility is to see that your prospects and clients make the right decisions about their small business networks. Don’t let clients invest in P2P small business networking solutions; they are incredibly hard to support and very expensive to upgrade. If your clients place importance on their data, productivity, uptime and investments in the world of technology, they will see that a real server is the best option.

Your clients’ small business networks need a secure and solid file and printer-sharing system before they can start adding any extras, and it is your job to make sure they see past any misconceptions about the importance of complex solutions.

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