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Monday, July 10, 2006

Time Management and the Computer Consultant

As a busy computer consultant, having useful time management tools is important. The following three tips can help manage time and help you focus on your clients and prospects.


The first important computer consultant tip is to minimize the time you spend reading IT materials. Because you’re running a business, your best time is spent on activities that will bring in revenue. For the time being, put away IT magazines and books and work on developing contacts and relationships.


If you use available time management software, your life will be made easier as a computer consultant. The following programs work well for various aspects of your business: ACT can help manage contacts; QuickBooks can provide tools for tracking time and billing; Outlook is great for calendars and e-mail; PDA’s can keep you connected to your schedule and important information even while on the go; wireless e-mail and browsing can improve Internet efficiency.


You can use non-billable time to market your business and stay ahead of the competition. Even when you are busy, you should book time for marketing, which can help you focus on revenue-building activities. Once you start to bill out 30 to 35 hours each week, this time management tool can keep your name out there and keep bringing in business.

Every business needs to employ time management tips to be successful, but computer consultants are particularly strapped for time because they do most work out of their offices. These three time management tips can help maximize efficiency and keep you in tune with the competition.

Created By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit