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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Two Companies Offer Specialized Program for IT Consultants

A new program for IT consultants has been recently developed by and ShopforT1. The Strategic Marketing Parner of VAR program provides ideal partnership opportunities for IT consultants that are part of firms or independent along with Software, Engineer/Designer, Teleccomunications equipment resellers and Network Designers that need T1 lines for clients.

This program for IT consultants streamlines the process of finding the best bandwidth deal, leaving more time with clients and opportunities to grow business. and ShopforT1 are two respected businesses in the industry that provide valuable equipment lead services and on-site product specialists that can help IT consultants avoid calling upwards of a dozen or more T1 carriers before finding the best value.

The two companies recently received awards at the 2006 Channel Partners Exhibition in Las Vegas, joining companies such as Microcorp, PlanetOne and Intelysis. The awards have led to opportunities for partnerships from many different players in the computer business.

The companies are offering an application form on the new program’s website. More details can be found by clicking the link attached to this article.

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