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Monday, July 03, 2006

Unique Selling Proposition - What’s Yours?

One of the most important marketing terms and tools is the Unique Selling Proposition, sometimes just referred to as USP. This USP is the aspect of a company that sets it apart from the competition. To convince someone to buy from you rather than another company, you must have a powerful unique selling proposition.

When you are trying to determine your USP, you will want to create a list of eight or ten things that set you apart. Try the following list to get your ideas jump started:

* Your background?
* Service area focus
* Service level guarantee
* Certain kinds of responsibilities and proactive monitoring?
* Certifications
* Industry experience
* Credentials

Although you should have eight to ten options, you should choose the one that makes you the most different from your competitors. Focus on this advantage in your marketing materials, but remember to keep the others on hand so that you can talk about them as well. When creating your documents, remember to focus on the benefits to your client not just your expertise.

Learn more about creating your own USP in the full article (link above).

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