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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Use Your IT Consultant Network in the Form of Business Referrals

You need business referrals in order to have a successful IT consulting business. But how do you set them up? IT consultants use their network to easily get the best referrals.


Good business referrals often come from niche tech providers. Those that do not provide virtual IT products and services have a limited range, and their clients will probably be part of your sweet spot. If they are already working with IT professionals, their budgets will be big enough that they will be able to pay your rates.

Accountants also provide great business referrals. You should ask them if they know anyone that needs computer network support so the referrals you find will be network-based clients and have more long-term possibilities.

IT providers that do S-90 support will also give you great referrals, as will those that specialize in Great Plains, Mast 90, Sales Logic or any other top client server products. You might meet someone at a business organization meeting, a networking organization meeting or as part of an IT group that fits into this category. You should get them into your personal radar because the pay-offs for he future could be huge.

Offer an incentive for business referrals, such as the sharing of revenues. This way, your relationship gives benefits for both parties. You can also create a partnership.

Business referrals are how most computer consulting firms make it. The best way to get them is through trusting relationships with niche tech providers and accountants because they work with your sweet spot prospects most directly.

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