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Thursday, July 06, 2006

VARBusiness' Midyear State of the Market Report

For many IT consultants, this has been a tough year. Everything from high gas prices to the war in Iraq seems to be hurting business, and VARBusiness' Midyear State of the Market Report reflects the challenges.

The midyear survey results report that only 19 percent of VARs had exceeded revenue expectations, while 43 percent said that in the first half of the year revenue has barely met expectations.

John Kiser, CEO of Grey Hat Research, says that his security consultant firm is now offering product-oriented solutions and new training services. "We did not anticipate moving into these areas so quickly. Our new tiered managed-security services are a whole new way of doing things for us. But we tend to be driven by project revenue. This was a way to even out the revenue stream and create sustainable, predictable revenue. I'm not surprised to hear that solution providers are adding new offerings in many areas."

To read more about the midyear state of the market report, read the entire article (link above).

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