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Friday, July 28, 2006

Ways for IT Consultants to Increase Credibility

Credibility is important for clients and prospects of IT consultants. As a responsible IT consultant you need to consider how you can increase your credibility, whether at the local level or even the national level. Your marketing techniques should focus on increasing credibility and getting your name out there. As an IT consultant, think about what your business would be like if prospects came to you instead of you going to them. This phenomenon centers on credibility and should be one of your main goals.


1. Name-dropping can help boost your credibility with small business owners, and you should make sure you mention your larger clients when talking to leads on a local level.

2. Get at least one high profile business client. You can be the official IT vendor for a very well-respected local company or organization and enjoy the benefits of publicizing and fostering this credibility-building relationship.

3. Look for opportunities in providing IT services that will get you noticed in the community. Being the official IT consultants for a large concert arena or sporting event or even for a government organization can help you get important relationships and increase your credibility.

4. Be seen at important business events. Exposure is one of the best ways to build your IT consultant credibility, and getting involved is the best means to this exposure.

5. You can chair an organizational committee or try to gain a spot on the board of directors of a local business. A position of leadership within the community will really build credibility.

6. Sponsor a local event with another business that is known and respected in your community. The high profile event combined with your public association with an important local business will help your credibility immensely.

7. Ask others to publicly endorse your services. You can get these endorsements from local business organizations and networking groups with which you work. Public broadcasting of your credibility is a great way to improve your reputation.

Credibility takes time to develop. As a responsible IT consultant, you can make sure everything you do is designed to improve your credibility and build your profile.

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