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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why You Don’t Need Flash Web Pages in Computer Consulting

While flash web pages are aesthetically pleasing, but they are a very ineffective use of your website. Most start-ups do not need to waste the time and money associated with putting together fancy flash web pages. The following is a list of reasons your computer consulting website does not need to be so sophisticated:

1. In the grand scheme of things, your website is not a particularly important marketing tool. Your website should look like an online rendition of your brochure and not a huge flash web pages extravaganza. Your competitors are the only ones that will benefit from your flash web pages because they will be tempted to look around to see exactly what you are doing.

2. Flash web pages will not help you get better search engine rankings. There are so many elements that make for high rankings, but flash web pages load slowly because of their complexity, so they will actually distract from high rankings. On top of it, the slow loading will annoy those browsing.

3. The largest issue regarding flash web pages is that they typically do not focus on benefits. Flash web pages communicate ego and not what you can do for the customer.

Flash web pages are too much unless your goal is to take things a step further and get into truly high-end website design. Most computer consultants should put together a three, four or five page website using Microsoft Front Page or some comparable product in your spare time on the weekends.

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