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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Computer Business Competitors Respond to IBM’s Latest Acquisition of FileNet Corp.

On August 10th, the computer business was shocked to hear the announcements that IBM Corp. had acquired content management vendor FileNet Corp. The news has competing vendors worried about the future of the computer business. IBM stated that while it already has its own ECM and BPM technologies, FileNet’s content-centric business process management techniques will be necessary for the company to move forward.

A spokesperson for IBM, Ambug Goyal, general manager of the IT Management division for software described the FileNet system as one in which content controls the workflow of the system. These two elements brought together can help customers better handle BPM issues, even if they are coming at BPM from other angles.

CEO of competing BPM software vendor Lombardi Software, Rod Favaron says that despite computer business IBM’s assertion that BPM is the main lure of FileNet, the company is probably more interested in the ECM solutions. This suspicion is fueled by the fact that the IBM announcement failed to mention the BPM product offered by FileNet, though it spoke abstractly about the technology itself.

Experts feel that FileNet started dealing in BPM because of the slower growth of ECM technologies. BPM was a hope by the company to improve its standing in the market. This acquisition is suspected by some to be the result of FileNet’s failure to develop BPM very well.

Other experts in BPM that computer business IBM’s acquisition of FileNet is confusing at surface level because IBM already has very good process and content capability. Still, the move is probably an illustration of the fact that BPM is not only a technology focused on system-to-system SOA solutions; many business processes are currently fueled by content, and this latest move by IBM and FileNet confirms that people need to get more involved to stay competitive.

IBM announced that when the acquisition is officially done, it will add FileNet’s operations with IBM’s Content Management business to help protect customer investments in FileNet and IBM Content management systems.

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