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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Computer Business Dell Expected to Bounce Back from Recent Fall

Because of the recent issues computer business Dell has been having with sales, customer service and design, many experts wonder if the future for Dell is more turmoil or brighter days. Many are optimistic about Dell’s future success, stating it is poised adequately to make a come-back. Other experts have stated that Dell needs to become less dependent on its PC business and focus on flat-screen televisions and consumer electronics along with business-grade hardware and high-tech devices.

However, many might criticize this idea, since consumer electronics is dominated by enormous companies with a world-wide presence and deep economies. So far Dell’s response to criticism has been to private-label its wares and sell it under the Dell name. While this seems to be against its former business practices, which was a vertically-based computer business structure, those examining Dell seem to think the strategy will work for the company.

Other experts urged the computer business to cut costs and streamline prices rather than adapt to the ever-changing structure of business and the consumer environment. However, cost-cutting needs to have research behind it and not just be a split-decision to improve Wall Street standings. Many praise Michael Dell for building the business on the idea that customers should get what they want instead of a bottom line, at reasonable prices. The computer business has kept that model even with changing times.

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