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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Computer Business Hewlett-Packard Praises its Own Design

Computer business giant Hewlett-Packard stated on Thursdsay that its design concept, built into notebook PCs coupled with the fact that it doesn’t use Sony batteries will make it immune to battery recalls that are currently causing competitors Dell and Apple to get into hot water.

HP uses different battery charging design from Dell and different battery protection systems from Apple and told CRN this last week. The computer business does not plan to recall battery packs, but has been in contact with Sony to confirm that the recent recall of batteries should not affect HP.

HP stated it also does not use Sony batteries in its mobile systems, but does use Sony 2.4 amp hour cells that are used in battery packs in HP battery packs made by third parties. HP has not had any reports from customers of battery overheating.

Solution providers are confirming that the computer business’ lack of battery problems can be attributed to its superior engineering and design abilities. Many feel that Dell just assembles computers rather than looking at the issues that might arise as a result of the particular design of their machines. Solution providers fear that there might be a shortage of batteries because of the recent recall by Dell and Apple, totaling 4.1 million Dell laptops and 1.8 million Apple laptops.

While many solution providers are stating they have not had any customers suffering because of the battery recall, some are worried about where they will get batteries if they run out.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg