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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Defining the Sweet Spot of Small Business Computer Consulting

If you have delivered service to Business to Consumer and want to now change over to Business to Business, you need to think carefully before just trying to get small business clients. You need to identify how the small part of small business computer consulting is defined.

Focusing too strongly on home-based businesses and micro small businesses can make selling services difficult for you. Although micro small businesses – those with less than 5-10 employees – are small businesses, they are not necessarily your best bet as a small business computer consulting company.


1. Consumer grade PCs

2. Illegally registered software

3. Slowness in or reluctance to pay for services. Many micro small businesses want to use volunteers such as family members or friends to provide their computer services, and no matter how good you are at your job you can’t be as good as “free.” Moonlighters will also give you a run for your money because they are on someone else’s payroll during the day and don’t need to pay for their own certifications or benefits.

4. IT will not be as critical to micro small business clients, so they don’t need very good response time when issues arise.

5. Micros small businesses may be too small to afford real servers and networks.

As a small business computer consulting firm, your best option is to look at prospects with at least 8 or 10 PCs. These companies typically cannot best function with a P2P server, nor can they wait a long time for a response from volunteers or moonlighters.


A small business with 8-10 PCs or more will start to seriously consider real server networks and backup plans. They will want advanced security and other sophisticated systems because their decision makers know that elaborate systems can only be designed by more serious small business computer consulting firms. These types of businesses will also be interested in using IT much more frequently as part of their overall business plan. These types of businesses will look to you for guidance to coordinate all their computer-related issues.

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