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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The First Consultation in IT Consulting

In IT consulting, you need to carefully research prospects and clients before you meet with them. You should expect to spend money and time on the initial consultation even before you are guaranteed to sell your services. The sales process is, thus more like a pre-sales consultation where you display your ability to consult. You want to communicate professionalism and stand out from other computer consulting companies that might be vying for your prospects’ attentions.

You need to be sincerely interested in your prospect’s business, problems and be diligent about trying to come up with a viable and affordable solution as part of your computer consulting business.


You might sometimes find out bad things about your prospects during the research phase that will make you not want to do business with them. Since the initial consultation in computer consulting is an interview of both you and your prospect, you should think twice about doing business with someone that has strange, unsavory news items and information floating around his business. Always do your homework before going on the initial sales call.


You will need to use half an hour to put together an intro packet for prospects about your IT consulting business. Then you will spend half an hour to an hour driving to the prospect and find that your IT consulting call will not probably start or end on time. Even with efficient time management, you will spend two or three hours on each prospect.

To figure out how much initial sales consultations are costing you, use your hourly billing rate for IT consulting service calls, which could be about $75 an hour, meaning you are investing $225 on each sales call not counting gas, parking and tolls. This fairly large sum of money is why you want to do adequate research and prepare before the IT consulting sales call to make sure the prospect is a viable option for your IT consulting services.

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