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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting the Most Out of Business Groups Through Marketing

The Chamber of Commerce and other business groups offer up great chances for marketing. These business groups have members that are all business owners that will often be well-suited to your sweet-spot area.


1. You need to actually get involved in business groups you join and speak up in meetings.

2. Introduce yourself immediately to the Executive Director, office staff and officers along with board members.

3. Join a committee in order to meet and get to personally know local small business owners.

4. Speak at meetings or events.

5. Get a table at the next business group expo. This gives you an inexpensive way to meet people and showcase your company.

6. Conduct a direct mail campaign geared towards business group members with information about your company and services.

7. Invite the business group members to seminars and events run by your company.

8. Go to meetings of the business group on a regular basis, which means eight to ten of them per year.

While business group membership does not give you any guarantee of getting new clients, if you are active within the group you will be more visible and more likely to establish trust among potential customers.

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