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Monday, August 21, 2006

How Can Training Seminars Help Computer Services Businesses?

Training seminars can help your computer services business immensely. Training seminars are an opportunity to showcase your skills to a large group of people all at once and increase your network.

Sponsoring training seminars takes time and effort. They are difficult to organize, but well worth the effort. Make sure you know the ins and outs of training seminars before you begin to plan one. The following are benefits of hosting training seminars:

1. Training seminars are one of the best ways to grow a network by dozens at once. The seminars allow you to display your talents, and because you participate in the seminar activities, attendees will get to know you personally and trust you.

2. Training seminars help tell audience members to call you with computer problems.

3. Seminars can help let audiences know they should recommend you to others with computer problems.

4. Training people to call you with their computer problems and recommend you for others’ computer problems will get positive word out about your services and skills.

5. Training seminars provide you with an excuse to follow up with audience members. You can request feedback and new ideas for seminar topics or simply ask them about their own needs.

6. Training seminars can be used to make offers to the audience, giving them a reason to set up an appointment with you.

7. Attendees of training seminars will stay on your contact list for a long time. You can continue to call them a few times a year, include them in mailings and offer them special limited time benefits, seminars or product announcements and promotions.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg