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Monday, August 07, 2006

How Long Are IT Audits?

IT Audits should never take more than 4 hours. The following checklist can help you properly organize your IT audits and keep them within half a day. If there is more work that needs to be done, you should set up a separate time and fee to complete it.


Within four hours on-site, you should be able to figure out what the issues are during IT audits along with what the next steps should be and how you will prioritize it. Similarly, you will be able to determine what hardware and software, services, peripherals and other things the clients should purchase.

You know you will be suggesting many different follow-up tasks, so you will have time to go into more depth separately from IT audits.


The following checklist will help you keep IT audits to 4 hours. You should come up with a dozen of different things to look at, and organize them in a way similar to the following method:

1. Half an hour to an hour on the primary server

2. 15-20 minutes on the secondary server

3. A few minutes on LAN hub infrastructure

4. 10-15 minutes each looking at routers, CSUs, DSUs, DSL routers, hub switches, etc. You should make general notes about how it looks and some things you may notice with surge protection and LADs.

5. Half an hour to 45 minutes on a few PCs representative of many within the site.


You should look at representative PCs as those that belong to the most important PC users in the company. The main company contact should be able to tell you about the most important computer functions within the company and point you towards the right users. Owners and those in charge of billing are usually your best bets.

You will get a good idea about next steps and high priorities from IT audits, and if you organize your time appropriately, you will complete them in the right amount of time.

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