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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

IBM AlphaWorks Releases New Tool for Solution Providers

In an attempt to improve skills for solution providers and other professionals working with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology products, IBM released a new set of tools and training resources downloadable from AlphaWorks. AlphaWorks is the IBM’s online arena for displaying and offering the latest technologies, and these new tools for solution providers and developers will help further development, deployment, testing and management skills in those working directly with the sometimes daunting world of RFID.

The new tools package is a trio of resources offering the following items:

1. The RFID Integrated Solution Enablement (RISE) tool lets developers simulate solutions in RFID in very specific environments with the help of the Websphere graphics interface. This tool features a testing function and items that can help with deployment.

2. The RFID Device Development Toolkit uses over 300 RFID resources, technical articles and tutorials that tell solution providers the many steps involved in using RFID applications. It also details some of the problems with mobile devices and RFID items, including limited memory and simplified operating systems.

3. The Application Level Events (ALE) Preview gives developers the opportunity to make applications capable of reading and filtering data from RFID devices and moving them to a web browsers capable of displaying event notices.

Because RFID is being used more frequently in large enterprise, including health care organizations and many government entities, there needs to be more training for solution providers and others to encourage the implementation of the technology into other industries.

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