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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In the World of Virtual IT, Growth Comes from On-Going Services

The key to a successful small business computer consulting firm is acting as a virtual IT department for clients. Providing virtual IT to customers brings on-going and reliable business.

Providing virtual IT is providing an outsourced IT department for businesses. Instead of selling customers and clients physical products you spend time trouble-shooting and selecting and designing networks that will work together with business issues and other resources. Your firm becomes a client’s part-time IT manager.

Virtual IT is a technical services program that offers flexible and complete access to technology for small businesses without dealing with a full-time and salaried IT staff.


In order to give virtual IT to clients and make a profit, you need to answer some questions:

1. What are the types of services that you can consistently sell current and future clients?

2. What other opportunities are there with clients that need virtual IT?


If you continue to add value to existing customers and clients and new ones, you are delivering good services. Don’t just focus on selling the initial network installation, installing it and leaving in hopes everything will work.

Be proactive about virtual IT by calling customers and providing services regularly to make your business as profitable as possible for you and your clients.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg