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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

IT Consultants Improve Security for Internet-Based Companies Through Network Monitoring

Studies show that companies that employ IT consultants in order to monitor their networks do better in the long-run, particularly those that rely on the Internet. Many SMBs today are running e-commerce websites, Internet-based applications and content sites, but not all necessarily monitor their networks, relying on IT consultants only when disaster strikes.

Companies with small numbers of employees many times use the Internet to boost sales and business, but end up blaming slow Websites to bad luck and a normal part of working with basic web-hosting companies.

According to industry experts and IT consultants, most business owners don’t realize how much easier it is just to monitor IT networks from the get-go to prevent on-going problems and emergencies. Taking a proactive stance on website management is essential to longevity for any business.

Even businesses that aren’t totally web-based should still use network monitoring services, but those that use websites as an essential business component can’t afford to live without them. Monitoring offered as part of software programs or that offered by IT consultants can help companies stop IT problems from happening and improve long-term success. Automated alerts and having on-call IT consultants can help tell businesses when they need help or help assure them everything is working properly before an emergency hits.

Monitoring networks over time can also help companies identify trends in website usage and identify the ways consumers of their companies behave. This can improve relationships with customers and help fill in gaps in service or gaps in revenue as the company strives to meet the demands of customers. When a website goes down, even infrequently, it reflects poorly on the business and customers lose patience, particularly when this is a regular occurrence. Limited downtime or no downtime keeps customers coming back again and again.

Many SMBs believe that only large companies can afford to monitor IT consultants or hire IT consultants to help with IT needs. This belief creates a unique opportunity for IT consulting firms working specifically with SMBs. Similarly, those selling network monitoring solution software can offer affordable alternatives for many smaller companies looking to get into monitoring.

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