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Monday, August 14, 2006

IT Integrators Need to Build Credibility

Credibility is incredibly important to the success of IT integrators and those in any type of business, and there is no short-cut to building it. As an IT integrator you need to have very good credibility to set you apart from those in competition with you for customers.

The process of building credibility involves getting involved in the community and sending the appropriate message to small businesses in the sweet spot that will be your targets. You can build credibility in several ways, including sponsoring high-profile activities in your offices, such as press conferences and other events for are businesses. These initiatives can help bring more IT businesses into the area because they increase your profile within the community.

You can also work with government officials and other high profile people within your network to get your name as an IT integrator out in the community in a tangible way. Make network contacts that have high credibility themselves and you can enjoy an increased credibility by association.

If you go after famous clients, you can also boost credibility. Major IT industry players like Microsoft, Intel and Citroen have many different channels and elements that need varying support. Whenever you have famous clients you should publicize it so you can build your own credibility.

Credibility has to be fostered and highly developed and is something that only happens over time. If you can find creative and public ways to get involved in the IT industry, you will find yourself with better credibility.

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