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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

IT Marketing: Know the Decision Maker

In order to get real business from a company, you have to be able to determine the decision maker. And, the decision maker will vary based on the size of business and the business structures.

The P & L Person

Sometimes the person you’ll want to reach will be the P & L person – the profit and loss person. This person will sign the checks and the contracts and authorize any major purchases.

The Internal Guru

Many companies also have an internal guru. This is the person everyone calls when they have a computer problem. Usually they are an office manager, administrative assistant, or secretary.

When you’re not sure who’s in charge just ask. Inquire into who makes the financial decisions and purchase authorizations. At the same time, if that’s the owner and there’s an internal guru as well, don’t take the guru for granted – they have the power to make your life miserable. Always treat them with respect.

Learn more about finding the decision maker in a company by reading the whole article (link above).

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