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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

IT Marketing Sales Copy That Delivers

Great graphics might attract people to your sales brochures, flyers, and postcards, but compelling copy is what will make it memorable and profitable. So, how do you create sales copy that delivers?

Never use jargon. IT jargon is an immediate put-off. Customer testimonials, on the other hand, can create a badge of honor for your company, especially when the customers are well-known in your area. Additionally, you want to make sure you guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

As much as anything, you want to personalize your copy as much as possible. Target a specific industry whenever you can. If you’re sending a letter and have a connection, make sure you mention it.

Finally, make it easy to respond. Provide a phone number, a fax number, and an email address so that they can respond. You’ll also want to add a sense of urgency by offering a free product or service if they respond within a certain number of days or by a specific date.

Learn more about creating sales copy that delivers in the full article (link above).

Posted by Computer Consulting Kit