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Saturday, August 12, 2006

IT Sales: How Badly Do They Need You?

Take your clients to the next step during an initial IT sales consultation. If you lead them to something like a site survey, prospects will often be on-board. But, if they put you off and say they will get back to you, you are doing something wrong.

How do you get them to IT sales? If the prospects tell you they want to go from DOS-based fax software to 32-bit software or that they want to fax to PDAs or set up VPNs between offices, you should be able to determine how feasible their goals are. Get a sense of how important their needs are so you can lead them to IT sales.


1. If everything else looks possible, when do you want to start?

2. How important is the project?

3. What is holding you back from starting now?

4. Why hasn’t this project been completed prior to this moment?

All these questions can help gauge where a prospect is in the IT sales process.


Prospects’ needs may have changed from what they were before to something different. Perhaps the project was too expensive, and now they have a bigger budget, or maybe someone previously told them it was not possible. Regardless, if you figure out what they need and why they didn’t do the project they want sooner, you can figure out how to close the deal faster.


If you determine prospects’ level of urgency but are still getting lukewarm reactions from them about IT sales, ask direct questions like “When do you think would be a good follow-up time?” and “When do you think you’d be better able to discuss the project?”

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