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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

IT Specialists: Are Non-Profits a Viable Market?

Non-profits have both significant pros and cons. Let’s take a look:


  • It's easy to reach non-profits because they belong to trade groups and you can get your hands on the publicly available directories.
  • You can get a lot of tremendous emotional satisfaction and gratification knowing you're helping a particular cause.


  • Thin profit margins
  • Bidding wars

Dealing with a Bidding War

When dealing with non-profits, you will most likely find yourself in bidding wars fairly often. The problem with bidding is that all the up-front work you usually bill for in the private sector is non-billable, and you still might not get the contract.

If you do get into a bidding situation, don’t spend more than 20% of your business development time going after the deal. In fact, unless you plan to specialize in government and non-profit jobs, you’ll probably want to stick entirely with the private sector.

To learn more about dealing with non-profits, read the full article (link above).

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