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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Offerings Announced by Access at Conference for Solution Providers

At a recent solution providers conference in Colorado Springs, CO, hosted by Access Distribution, Sun Microsystems announced its reorganization of sales, a new channel program and two new vendors. The Competetive Edge Program will be provided by Access to help Sun solution providers with sales goals, new tools for selling equipment and educational and government programs. This program offers solution providers a variety of online training resources. The Services Scorecard for Sun solution providers, the other new channel program will provide service and sales data to help uncover new software sales markets.

The New Frontiers solution providers conference this year is in general focusing on new resources for solution providers from many vendors recently joining the team with Access.

Anna McDermott, president and CEO of Access states that the conference will hopefully help promote high levels of growth and very high-margin opportunities for solution providers. The conference will kick off today, and McDermott expects it will offer new ways for partners and solution providers to grow their businesses and reach more customers.

Solution providers will also get information about specific “hot” markets and how to approach them in order to improve business and maximize efficiency. The conference is expected to host 1,000 non-Access employees, including solution providers from approximately 250 different organizations.

Yesterday Access revealed a new structure for business that would help it reach both new and established solution providers. The company also announced new staff members that would control critical parts of the new structure, including a new vice president of mature technologies and a new vice president of Access’ brand new Emerging Technologies sector.

Because of so many industry changes and advances in the past six months, this conference will provide solution providers with the chance to get information directly from Access and help the company get valuable information to better understand its partners and their needs.

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