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Sunday, August 13, 2006

OnForce Gets Another Major Channel Executive to Help With Solutions for Value Added Resellers

New York-based online marketplace OnForce, providing service for value added resellers and other IT service providers is about to add a major Hewlett-Packard channel exec to its list of employees. Vice president of imaging and printing channels at HP, Laura Blackmer will leave HP for OnForce, according to sources. HP would not comment on the recent report, nor would Blackmer or anyone at OnForce.

Kevin Gilroy, OnForce CEO joined the team in 2005 after being at HP in senior channel and SMB positions for 24 years. While he refused to report on the recent news, he did state that Laura Blackmer would be an incredibly asset to the organization if she were to join.

The announcement of Blackmer’s possible affiliation with the service for VARs comes at the same time as the company’s impending release of a new online platform that experts said will give IT service providers a better idea of market prices for service work order that go through OnForce’s network in the U.S.

The new platform will increase possibilities within the IT services marketplace and allow users to see work orders within very specific zip code ranges. They will also be able to see what technologies are used and the prices of the work completed. Service providers that use the network to bid on projects will be able to see exactly what the going rate for repairing printers or any other services is throughout the country. A VAR service provider can see what he should bid within certain geographies on a particular service. This platform will also let users see the competition within their area.

OnForce’s new platform for VARs also matches service requests from end users with IT service providers in the easy online community. Customers can put out requests for services and service providers and then place bids on the work. They can see the work order, along with a customer satisfaction rating for providers within their area. OnForce works with 5,000 customers and sells services of over 14,000 VARs.

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