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Sunday, August 20, 2006

VARBusiness Releases a List of Top Women Solution Providers

Recently popular organization VARBusiness released more names in its list of the most powerful women solution providers in the channel. This list calls attention to female solution providers making a large impact on the IT industry.

Besides displaying the accomplishments of women within the solution providers community, this list features influential women working as vendors and distributors for the channel.

This is the second list of important female solution providers released by VARBusiness. The company decided to compile the top 50 most powerful and release them with brief biographies and descriptions of contributions made to inform others in the market of important contributions. Women are still an underrepresented group within the IT industry, and this list calls attention to their growing impact.

This list includes the CEO, Nikki Beckett of the growing NSB Group; in the last decade, Becket has transformed the company from a very small retail software business to a $70 million solution provider. Other solution providers, such as Amy Rao of Integrated Archive Systems have brought exciting and unique IT services to companies throughout the world along with the tackling of important environmental and social issues that are affected by technology. Many of the women represented by this list run companies with unique philosophies that combine social awareness and innovative solutions for business. The complete list of these up-and-coming women can be found at the above link.

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