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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

VARs blast government over final phase of WEEE

VARs in the UK are angry, and there’s no doubt as to the cause. The government is planning and preparing to implement the final phase of WEEE, the Waste Electrical and Electronic directive.

The primary problems are coming from last week’s announcement that as of July 1, 2007, producers will become responsible for recycling all electronic waste products. VARs are up in arms, though, because the announcement came without any specific details of the new program.

According to Mike Lawrence, managing director of VAR Bentpenny: “The government has made absolutely no progress whatsoever. All we've got is a date for producer responsibility. We don't know what's going to happen from that date, who is going to do anything, or why anyone should. The announcement last week was delightfully vague."

One DTI representative had this to say to CRN: "The WEEE directive is due to become law from the end of this year, with full producer responsibility starting from 1 July2007. Producer refers to the person who introduces for the first time the product into the UK market. This is usually either the manufacturer or importer. Second-hand sellers should therefore not be affected, unless of course they are importing second hand products from outside."

Learn more about the final phase of WEEE and what it means for VARs in the UK when you read the entire article (link above).

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