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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What Computer Skills Should You Give Staff Members?

If you find yourself without advanced technical computer skills, don’t fret. You can do a lot to improve your computer skills by investing small amounts of time each week in self-study techniques. But what computer skills do you and your staff members need in order to best fulfill the needs of sweet spot small business clients?


Get a NFR copy of a product you are thinking of selling, install it and then work with the product in your lab. You or one of your lead engineers or techies can work with it during a spare half-hour to an hour, going through basic installations. Take this one step further and break the installation, then reinstall the software until you figure out the package and its intricacies.

Most products you install for small businesses are sophisticated, so they will have a lot of wizards to help and will not require many computer skills.


Installing major programs from Novell or IBM or Microsoft is an easier process than it was years ago. Companies have invested time and money into making installation easier for small business owners and those without advanced computer skills. Therefore, your staff and you only will really need the following computer skills to succeed: good PC hardware skills; knowledge of and ability to handle P2P setups; an understanding of TCP/IP; knowledge of POP3 and SMTP; the ability to work with basic SOHO routers. These skills will put you at a good point to start working with sweet spot small businesses that have 10-20 PCs.


Expose your staff to cross-training. This means they should be training each other and you, and that you should be doing the same to build computer skills. If you share information constantly, no one will ever develop computer skills far beyond your capabilities or the capabilities of other staff members and be tempted to ask for huge raises, bonuses or walk away with important clients.

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