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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why Computer Businesses Absolutely Need Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing benefits you and your prospects when used as a marketing tool for your computer business. The following are reasons why relationship marketing creates an ideal business situation.


1. Relationship marketing makes for less sales resistance among prospects and clients because it pre-establishes trust.

2. Relationship marketing makes a buyer less dependent on low price because the prospect is not just looking for “goods.”

3. Relationship marketing offers quicker cycles for sales because there will be less comparison shopping. Contacts may get a second opinion, but definitely not the typical 15-20 price quotes.

4. You will see a higher rate at which people go from being prospects to clients with relationship marketing.

5. Your credit risk will be greatly reduced with relationship marketing because the people with whom you work trust you and will be less likely to risk the embarrassment of not paying a bill.


1. Relationship marketing gives prospects a greater sense of peace because they know and trust you.

2. With relationship marketing, there is less chance for mismatched personalities because prospects already like you and there is already chemistry. You have probably been talking with them each time you meet over the course of several months.

3. Relationship marketing means you already know about prospects’ businesses. You have talked about it a lot before, so you won’t need to explain as much to them about what they need, what software to use and their problems.

Relationship marketing means good things for both prospects and computer businesses. It gives you less risk and more ease with sales and a more trusted relationship with clients.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg