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Friday, September 29, 2006

Commercial Office Space: Watch Your Money!

You don’t need commercial office space when you start a computer consulting business. In the beginning, you need to save your money so you have something to put into marketing and promotional expenses.

Even the smallest commercial office space will cost you approximately $400 to $600 monthly, and a retail store with low traffic will be between $1000 and $2000. Commercial office space in the beginning of a business is a big waste of money, and having your own space at that stage is not nearly as important as marketing and business development that will tangibly grow your business.

A home office is the best alternative to commercial office space unless you are planning to hire a large staff from the get-go. As a start-up, you will mostly be making service calls to clients at their offices, going on sales calls and attending networking events anyway, so time spent actually in your office, no matter where it is will be minimal. The bottom line is, you will be going to your clients in the beginning and not vice-versa, so the money spent on your own office and office space should be a low figure.

Even if you plan to run seminars, you don’t need commercial office space. Seminars are a great marketing tool, but you don’t need a regular commercial office space to use them. You can rent executive office space on an as-needed basis, either hourly or daily at reasonable rates.

Because commercial office space is so expensive, it is unnecessary until you get better entrenched in the computer consulting world. The time you will spend at the beginning of your business in your office is not worth the extra expense of renting commercial office space, so use your home office for as long as you can and rent out space by the hour or day if necessary.

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