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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Computer Business Microsoft Transforms Windows Operating System

Computer business Microsoft Corp. recently announced its new Windows program, Windows Vista, due for retail release early in 2007. The new operating system boasts a completely renovated set of features, including expanded security precautions and a totally new development process that will hopefully reduce the number of bugs that have caused so many vulnerabilities in recent years.

The long-term success of the new Windows is important to the computer business, as Microsoft is struggling to keep the top spot in PC operating systems. The current Windows empire garners $10.2 billion in annual profits, and security is becoming more important as technology becomes more complex. Not everyone is convinced the new Windows Vista will be better than former versions of the product, and those in the security industry are choosing not to comment until after the product is released and used for a while.

Still, many are saying that if the security and design of the new product are really as great as the computer business is boasting pre-release, the product will do huge things for the reputation of Microsoft.

The product is set to test Thursday when it is presented to a group of hackers and researchers at the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas. The response to the new product from this group of professionals will give a preliminary view on how good the security is. If successful, the product could change the face of the computer industry for many Windows users globally.

This latest change in Windows marks the computer business’ greatest change in its products in many years. The security changes have been called Dubbed User Account Control and gives alternatives to administrators and people currently using a PC, allowing them to change settings and install programs. However, this may make systems running the program even more susceptible to attacks and installation of spyware if misused.

Reviews pre-release have been mixed. For more information on this story, view the attached link.

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