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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Computer Business: Web Wins Big with Laptop Battery Recall

While many computer business industry analysts are discussing the power of blogs and cyberjournalism to change information and opinions, others are turning towards major news items such as the recent burning laptop batteries and major computer business players Dell and Apple’s decision to recall them by the millions. The recall of over 5 million laptop batteries marks the largest recall of its kind in technology history.

This recall had a profound effect on cybermedia; online resources did not just report on and uncover the dangers of fiery computers. Instead, they continued to pressure manufacturers and enlist the help of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to complete a computer business investigation, showing how the Internet can be helpful in changing the way major companies do business.

Photographs, such as one on June 21 published in the British “The Inquirer” displayed dramatic photographs of a Dell notebook computer on fire at a tech conference in Japan. These photographs came not from the tabloid staff, rather from a reader in the computer business who was at the conference and sent them in for Internet publication to warn others of impending problems.

While initially photographs such as these, particularly because they were published in a tabloid-style newspaper were suspected to be a hoax, but caused many experts to start looking into the matter, including mainstream reporters, investors and industry analysts.

As investigation continued, experts noted that Dell was not surprised by the photographs and was aware of the problem. Dell and CPSC had recalled 22,000 laptop computers in late 2005 and had already been working with Sony, the supplier to try to make sure the problem did not continue. However, continued blogging and articles about Dell and its flaming batters on gadget news blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget continued to post facts and rumors until Dell started to actually take control over the problem and work with the government to fully determine its scope. It was this chain of events that prompted the recent major recall.

Of course, computer business giants also used the power of the web to publicly present consumer options and tell customers how to get replacement batteries. On August 14, Dell set up a website explaining how to get a replacement battery and also published information in its own site blog about the details of the recall.

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