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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Computer Resellers the ASCII Group in Canada and U.S. Join Forces

The collection of independent computer resellers that make up the ASCII Group recently announced a merger between U.S. and Canadian branches of the company, run separately. The ASCII Group boasts 1,400 members in the United States and 325 in Canada. This merger is expected to make the group more able to offer expanded, collective programs for its Canadian and U.S. computer resellers. The organization will still have separate headquarter offices in Canada and the U.S. with different directors.

Executive spokespeople for the company assert that while it is a merger of resources, this merger of computer resellers is not like a typical company merger, and the ASCII Group will not really change its overall operational structure. The change does, however mean that Canadian ASCII Group computer resellers will be able to participate in programs in the U.S. and United States resellers will be able to go to programs in Canada. This will mark the first time Canadian members will have the ability to take advantage of discounts from Cyberlearning, Autotask, LPI Level Platforms, N-able Technologies, Kaseya, Reflexion and other U.S.-based vendors.

Some programs will continue to be separate simply for sake of relevance. Two separate Canadian and American advisory groups of computer resellers continue to provide feedback on programs for staff.

The ASCII Group presents computer resellers with technology tools, products and services that can help increase company provides cost-effectively in order to grow businesses.

One problem with the recent announcement is that many vendor and distributor programs for the computer resellers channel are run separately in Canada and the U.S. and don’t necessarily cover the entirety of North America, so there will be access problems. Still, this merger could encourage a more integrated business structure in North America in the IT industry.

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