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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Computer Resellers: Bell Microproducts Establishes Relationship With ASCII Group

ASCII Group, a company of computer resellers, solution providers and system integrators announced a partnership with Bell Microproducts, Inc., a provider of high-tech products, solutions and services for the industrial and commercial sectors. This new relationship with computer resellers will give Bell Microproducts the opportunity to expand its computer resellers influence and display itself more clearly within the channel.

ASCII strives to use the independent full service computer component of the solution provider in order to help business consumers of IT services. ASCII membership boasts a diverse group of companies, including system integrators, VARs, software vendors, consultants and many other types of IT professionals. A relationship with ASCII offers members the opportunity to make use of tools for marketing, sales along with some managed services and problem resolution.

ASCII asserts that the relationship with Bell Microproducts will help strengthen the IT industry, since its philosophy is that computer resellers and independent solutions providers are the true cornerstone of the industry. The company hopes that Bell Microproducts will offer the partner program a new level of versatility and depth due to its expertise in the VARs and computer resellers channels.

The partnership with ASCII will allow Bell Microproducts to offer VARs services and products to a greater pool of clients and help increase its sales and customer base.

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