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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

IT Support: How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

When you are in the process of starting a new IT support business, you will have to wear many hats, including ones for sales, technical aspects and administrative purposes. You will fulfill many different functions for your IT support company until you have developed a client base that allows you to hire more employees and delegate responsibility. Why do you need to perform so many different functions at the beginning, and when can you start delegating?


Many owners may be good at one part of the IT support business, such as the administrative and business side, but not so great at sales or tech aspects. If this is you, you are already behind. Most of your competitors will be performing all these functions, particularly at the start of their IT support businesses. Because your firm will be competing with these other firms as well as with independent contractors working out of their homes with little overhead, you need to get on the ball.


It is reasonable for you to have a good tech person at the beginning of the IT support business working as a full-time sales person. However, your business should evolve naturally over time. As the owner, you will start out working as a salesperson and a tech person, but as the company grows, you can start subcontracting out specialty, sophisticated work to others that will give you more time to do sales calls. Eventually, you will find you have several good subcontractors to give work to, and you will start to think about putting some of them on payroll to decrease your costs.

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