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Saturday, September 09, 2006

News for Network Integrators: ClarusIPC Presents Better Security Reporting for IP Telephony

The latest news for network integrators is that Clarus Systems, Inc., an IP telephony solutions provider announced late last month that its new ClarusIPS Operations software will feature enhanced security reporting. This will help network integrators and others cut off security risks like unauthorized access and fraudulent charges. This newest version of the software also offers automated testing to help streamline system performance.

Network integrators often talk of the extreme security vulnerabilities attached to IP telephony that do not exist with other types of networks. ClarusIPC Operations allows customers to detect security risks and other issues before they happen and become a problem. The daily system health checks conducted by the software are automatic and done daily. They test and validate user functionality on many types of IP telephony networks. The software boasts that it is the only solution that allows for thorough daily testing on every single phone in the network, even for very large businesses.

ClarusIPC was launched in March and has been growing in popularity, used by systems administrators and network integrators in order to improve the speed of networks and reduce the overall cost of telephone systems.

The latest release of the program allows customers to head off security problems caused by faulty or malicious IP telephony security settings through reporting and verifications of security settings for all phones.

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Added By: Joshua Feinberg