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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Small Business Computer Consulting: Eliminating Service “Leeches”

Anyone involved in the small business computer consulting field knows that there can be a prevalence of leeches and freeloaders looking to take your time and not expecting to pay for it. How can your protect your small business computer consulting company from these dangerous creatures?


You need to know the root of the problem with moochers as well as how to deal with prospects that have unrealistic visions of the function of small business computer consulting services. The main point is, you need to be able to show prospective clients that your small business computer consulting firm is an investment rather than an expense or commodity. You need them to see that your small business computer consulting firm delivers measurable benefits that go beyond what they pay for them monetarily.


Because you are trying to sell very sophisticated computer consulting services, you need to be sure your sales message and expression of value is different from that of your competitors. The way to avoid leeches that will suck your services for free is to look for small business decision makers that are already paying for other professional business-to-business services, including accounting, legal services, PR and others. This type of business will already be well accustomed to paying $100 or more for professional services, and will not be surprised when you present them with a retainer agreement of $1,000 per month or even more.


You will find the process of going after leads and prospects that are qualified rather than trying to convince unqualified leads that they need something they don’t understand or can’t afford. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of leads and prospects for small business computer consulting services right in your area that have realistic expectations about how much they should be paying you to help them with their technology needs. Don’t waste time on leads that will just waste your time and energy; go after those that understand your value and are willing to incorporate you into their business plans.

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