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Monday, September 11, 2006

Your Prospects and the Process of IT Audits

IT audits should be the goal of any new prospect sales call. Unless the prospect has an immediate emergency that is specific and dire, you need to try to sell IT audits, which is the gateway to further IT services.

If prospects turn to you and say specific problems they are having, look at those first. Otherwise, selling half-day technology assessments, IT audits is the best plan of action.


You would be wise to do a free version of an IT audit where you go in and provide a basic list. Don’t spend more than half an hour in this free version, and don’t look at hubs, switches or how the Cat 5 items are organized. Anything beyond a basic look should never be free.


Make sure you bill for longer IT audits and tech assessments if they are longer than half an hour or more complicated. Come up with a fair set rate for this type of IT audits and make sure prospects know your policies when you go into sales calls.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit