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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Should You Tell Your Clients You're Moonlighting?

Moonlighting is a very normal way for computer consultants to start businesses. Moonlighting presents the opportunity to get a steady income while building a strong business.

The issue you will have with moonlighting is the hours. As someone moonlighting in the computer consulting world, your only available hours will be your off hours. Many times your off hours are theirs too, so you may be asking yourself if you should tell clients that you’re moonlighting in the interest of full disclosure.

Many think about moonlighting in a negative light, whether because they don’t see it as a serious business, rather a secondary source of income. These nay sayers might also think someone moonlighting is only part-time because he/she is not good enough to do it full-time. Be honest with your clients and don’t worry about how you will be perceived; moonlighting does not imply that you are incompetent or inferior to others in your industry.

Tell clients right away you are moonlighting. Their expectations might be out-of-whack if you don’t, as they will wonder why you can’t get to an emergency they have in the morning until after 5 p.m.

The following tips might help you explain your moonlighting to clients:

1. Take the time to explain your situation fully.

2. Explain to clients why moonlighting is your best bet at the moment.

3. Tell them that the fact you are moonlighting does not take away from your commitment to your work and its quality.

4. Tell them about all the work you are doing, both for others as a moonlighting computer consultant and for the company you work for full-time.

5. Tell clients when you are available while moonlighting.

6. Tell them about other clients you are working with that have benefited from your services as a moonlighting computer consultant.

Moonlighting successfully means managing client expectations. Tell them up-front about your schedule and what you’re working on, and they will perceive you as professional and know better what to expect from you.

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