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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Business Referrals Are Your Greatest Marketing Asset in Computer Consulting

Business referrals are one of your greatest assets when marketing for your computer consulting business. When you can get word-of-mouth advertising in the form of business referrals, you can really get results.

Getting business referrals is as simple a setting them up, which means getting to the point where business referrals dominate your entire marketing plan.

How Do You Get Business Referrals?

In order to create business referrals, you have to provide the best service, which often means under-promising and then going above and beyond with the delivery of services. The best business referrals will be generated from customers and clients, so if you take care of these people, they will return the favor.

Expanding Your Store of Business Referrals

In order to create business referrals, you should know the following information: 1) what to ask; 2) when to ask; 3) how to ask. Once you figure out these steps, your business referral rate will increase exponentially.

Each satisfied customer should produce at least one business referral annually. You need to be somewhat aggressive about asking each customer to think about potential business referrals. When you ask is typically after the client gives you a meaningful compliment, because the client will be most likely to give a great referral after receiving great service.

Being aggressive doesn’t mean applying pressure. Treat a business referral like a favor, and don’t ruin a client’s experience by pressuring.

A Sample Business Referral Script

“Thanks for your kind words and praise. I enjoy this work a lot, and I find it gratifying when I hear about how much value your business is getting out of it. I wish I had more clients just like you. You’re a pleasure to work with and your employees are great people. Do you have any friends with computer problems that we should be contacting?”

Make sure business referrals are direct, but also understated. Computer consultants too often are too busy or shy to ask for business referrals. Just get over the fear and ask often!

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