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Sunday, November 19, 2006

How Do You Run Referral Programs From Your Website?

Many solution providers are choosing to implement referral programs as part of their business plans. A great referral program idea is to set it up on your web site.

How To Set Up a Referral Program On Your Website

First create a referral program page then manage the process automatically. The following tips can help get you started on a web-based referral program:

1. Make a web site referral form for clients to complete.

2. Create a custom thank-you page for the referral source to view once they complete a form to the referral program.

3. Send an auto responder e-mail as a way of thanking respondents for tips and remind them how the referral program operates.

4. Send the lead a note with a testimonial about how someone used your referral program to get you in touch with him/her. (See the linked article for a sample note).

5. Send a follow-up set of enclosures with any correspondence you send to leads. You should have a brief description of your referral program, an expiration date on the offer, a business card, sticker and any other marketing materials you have to offer.

6. Implement a system that allows leads to come in through a referral program and be immediately entered into your contact follow-up system.

Referral programs can really get you the best leads. If you set up your referral program through your web site you can add efficiency to your system. Automating follow-up functions can also allow you to get control over correspondence and interactions with clients.

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