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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Tips and Tools for Follow-Up in the Computer Consulting Business

Follow-up is essential to a good marketing system. In order to succeed you need to keep in touch with contacts, but also achieve a delicate balance so it doesn’t become bothersome to your contacts.

Creative Follow-Up Ideas for Computer Consulting

1. Ask your contacts to get together over lunch, dinner, breakfast or golf to keep abreast of potential business possibilities.

2. When running a promotion, send prospects a follow-up letter as a personalized invitation.

3. Give contacts a newspaper or magazine clipping that you think they might like as a form of follow-up.

4. Send along informational tips or FAQ’s to create an interesting follow-up item.

5. Send case studies to prospects so you can show them how you are helping businesses like theirs.

6. When something new happens, send a follow-up letter. For example, if you win a major account, an award or move to a new location tell clients and prospects about it.

7. Send a warning letter if you hear about a virus outbreak, a hoax or some other IT security issue.

Follow-up gives you a reason to stay in touch with prospects. You want to keep your name at the forefront of leads’ minds. Coming up with innovative follow-up excuses can help advance relationships and build trust.

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