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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Selling Techniques: What Do You Need to Know as a New IT Consultant?

There are many different selling techniques, but there are some that are better for IT consultants just starting out than others:

1. A personal visit is the selling technique that will offer the best results because it is the most special and memorable to clients and customers.

2. A personal phone call is the selling technique that is next best to the personal visit, because you are still giving them personalized service. Make sure you send a follow-up e-mail or note right after the conversation to distinguish you from your competitors.

3. A note or letter is not quite as personal as other selling techniques, but is quite popular. To increase the impact of this selling technique, make sure the note is handwritten and the message custom-written for the specific client.

4. Sending an e-mail is not a personal selling technique, but a lot of IT consultants use it because everyone is relatively comfortable with it. Make sure to send messages one at a time and not as a group.

5. Set a quota as part of your selling technique to increase your discipline. Most new business owners won’t use personal selling techniques if it’s not part of a detailed plan. Contact two new people on a contact list per day until you have gone through the whole list then start networking again to replenish.

6. Ask for referrals only when you’re contacting people. Don’t go right for the sale. This decreases pressure and gives you a chance to follow up.

Selling techniques are not natural for many people, but that doesn’t mean they are unnecessary. The ideal plan is to go after selling techniques that are highly personal so you can send the message to each prospect that he/she is important.

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