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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Get Paid for IT Audits Now

IT audits are necessary as part of your network consulting business. If you don’t add them as part of your paid repertoire, clients will ask for a lot of freebies.

Prospects will want you to tell them right away what you plan to do for them before you can expect to get their business. Before you can expect any money, you will have to prove you know something about their very unique IT environments. IT audits can help you figure this out. But how do you get prospects to pay for IT audits?

The Components of IT Audits

IT audits include the following items:

1. Written proposals;

2. Site survey work;

3. Inventory;

4. Analysis of the current configurations;

5. A search for inconsistencies;

6. Identification of security gaps;

7. Potential problems with configuration and other items;

8. A prioritized list of what needs to be done with the specific systems.

Selling IT Audits

You need to sell IT audits from a powerful position, meaning you have to get prospects to get in touch with you rather than going to them. You will have a hard time selling IT audits if you send a direct mail postcard that asks for prospects’ business.

Moving Your Business Ahead with IT Audits

As you move your business forward, you need to think about how to sell IT audits. If you want to get paid for time spent on IT audits, you need to concentrate on building referrals and on networking. Get your name out there and find clients that will recommend your services to other people. All these elements will make the process of charging for IT audits much easier.

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